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Mega Hack Pro - FAQ

Common questions & issues to do with Mega Hack Pro

Is Mega Hack Pro Safe?

Yes, it is completely safe, though be weary that some antivirus software may falsely-flag Mega Hack Pro as malicious,
This is because Mega Hack Pro modifies Geometry Dash files to load itself on game launch, which is seen as suspicious by some antivirus software.

Can I purchase with another Payment Method?

On-site only card payments & PayPal are supported at this time.

Missing DLL Error

You may need to install Microsoft's VC++ redistributable runtime libraries:

Download Here

You may also need to install another version of VC++ if it continues to not work:

Download Here

"Invalid Path" Error / Clicking TAB doing nothing

You most likely installed Mega Hack to the wrong place. Click the '...' in the installer & locate your GeometryDash.exe
Find it with Steam by right clicking Geometry Dash -> Properties -> Local Files -> Browse

Game Not Opening

This may be due to a faulty Extension, try clearing your Extensions folder.

You may also want to exclude/restore any of the following files flagged by your antivirus: hackproldr.dll & hackpro.dll

Documents on how to do this for some popular antiviruses:

Windows Defender - McAfee - Norton - Kaspersky - MalwareBytes

Cannot Write ./hackpro.dll Error

Try disabling your antivirus

Discord Rich Presence not Showing

Make sure to open Discord before Geometry Dash and game activity is enabled in Discord settings (Settings -> Game Activity)

QtCore.dll Missing

Extract the folder fully: Right click the file -> Open With... -> Windows Explorer -> Extract All. Follow the steps afterwards.