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Mega Hack v6 Pro - Mod List


Name Description
FPS BypassBypasses the default 60fps cap for better performance & lesser input delay
SpeedhackAllows you to slow down or speed up the game without dropping frames (unlike other speedhacks)
AntiCheat BypassDisables common anticheats
FPS Bypass (Classic)Port of mgostIH's original FPS bypass
Force VisibilitySets all nodes to be visible
Free Window ResizeRemoves limits in place for window resizing
No RotationLocks all rotation at 0 degrees
No TransitionShorterns scene transition time to 0s, doesn't work with the transition customiser
Safe ModeDisables progress, completion & verification of levels


Name Description
Backup Stars LimitLets you backup data, even with less than 10 stars
Basement Key BypassLets you unlock the locks in the basement
Challenge BypassUnlocks 'The Challenge' level
Character FilterLets you input any character in all text inputs
Gatekeeper VaultUnlocks the Gatekeeper's vault
Guard VaultUnlocks the guard's vault
IconsUnlocks all icons
Keymaster BasementUnlocks the keymaster's basement
Keymaster VaultUnlocks the keymaster's vault
Main LevelsUnlocks locked demon levels
Potbar ShopUnlocks Potbar's shop in the treasure room
Scratch ShopUnlocks Scratch's shop in the treasure room
Shop ItemsAllows all shop items to be bought for 0 mana orbs
Slider LimitLets sliders be dragged beyond the visible limit
Song BypassAllows the downloading of banned songs
Text LengthAllows for unlimited text length in text inputs
Treasure RoomUnlocks the treasure room
Unblock HackLets you view profiles of users who have blocked you


Name Description
Absolute PositionLocks block position for scaling, rotation, moving, etc
Absolute ScalingLocks block position for just scaling
Copy HackLets you copy any level, without a password
Custom Object BypassRemoves the object limit for custom objects & lets you save over 50
Default Song BypassLets you use hidden default songs in the editor
Editor ExtensionIncreases the editor length by a factor of 128
Free ScrollAllows you to scroll out the editor
Group ID BypassAllows you to use Group IDs up to 1100 (except on the pulse trigger)
Hide UIHides the Editor UI while building
Level EditLets you edit any level, access the editor through the pause menu
No (C) MarkRemoves the (C) mark when uploading copied levels
Object BypassSets the object limit to around 2 billion
Place OverLets you place the same object over itself in the editor
Rotation HackAllows you to rotate any object Only works locally
Scale Snap BypassRemoved snapping to 100 when moving the scale slider between 097 and 103
Testmode BypassHides the 'Testmode' text when playing with a startpos
Toolbox Button BypassAllows for more objects in the editor toolbox
Verify HackLets you upload unverified levels
Z Order BypassRemoved the -100 to 100 Z order range limit
Zoom BypassLets you zoom an infinite amount in the editor (NOTE: Can crash with an edited grid size)


Name Description
Accurate PercentageAllows for decimals in the level percentage
Everything HurtsOwie
Force Block TypeTreats all objects as if they were blocks
Freeze PlayerFreezes player movement
Hide AttemptsHides the attempt count in-game
Hide Pause ButtonHides the pause button when the in-game cursor is enabled
Ignore ESCStops the ESC key from exiting a level
Instant CompleteTeleports the player to the end of a level, aka teleport hack
Inversed TrailInverses the trail state
Jump HackAllows for jumping in mid-air
No GlowDisables objects glow
No HitboxDisables all object hitboxes Special objects are disabled
No ParticlesDisables resuming the particle system
No PulseDisables pulsing on objects
No SolidsDisables most solid hitboxes Special objects still work
No SpikesIgnores spike objects
NoClipMakes the player invincible (Safe patch)
Percentage OnlyHides the progress bar and shows only the percentage at top
Practice Music HackPlays the level's song in-sync with your position, instead of the standard practice song
SuicideKills the player
Trail Always OffSets the trail to always hide
Trail Always OnSets the trail to always show