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Mega Hack Pro Changelog

6.2.0 (Preview)

Additions and Changes

Added Demon List integration
Added Accurate Leaderboard integration
Added Cursor Locker
Added Borderless Fullscreen
Added Variable Setter
Added Mini Cube Icon mod
UI refinements
Interfacing and hooks now powered by StarleX
Scrolling in windows with many mods/hacks


Resolves an issue that caused crashes with PoweredByPie's Textureldr
Resolves an issue where setting your speedhack setting to high would crash on launch
Resolves an issue where RGB Icon speed was not saving
Resolves an issue where Free Window Resize was not saving

6.1.0 (Current)

Additions and Changes

Added RGB Icons mod
Added Multiscaler
Added Level Password finder
Added Icon Randomiser
Added Icon Stealer
Added DLL Injector
Added No Wave Pulse hack
Added No Flip Portal hack
Added Transparent BG & List mods by WEGFan
Added Changelog button
Added 0.625x & 1.25x scaling
Cursor now shows when toggling Mega Hack
FPS Bypass & Speedhack now saves settings between sessions
FPS Bypass & Speedhack can now be assigned keybinds
Speedhack step reduced from 0.25 to 0.1
Speedhack can now change audio speed
Login system updated to give users more control
Minor internal changes


Resolves an issue where logging in through the patcher would fail with certain special characters
Resolves an issue where zooming out too far with the Zoom Bypass resulted in a crash
Resolves an issue where the Slider Bypass did not work with object scaling
Resolves an issue where alt-tabbing in fullscreen mode reset window scaling & positions
Resolves an issue where exiting the game via the in-game exit button didn't save hacks & keybinds
Resolves an issues where conflicting hacks would be disabled on launch when set to be enabled
Resolves a permissions issue with the compatibility checker that would cause it to fail
Addresses an issue for those experiencing 'error #3' when trying to login to the patcher
Addresses minor performance concerns by disabling most of Mega Hack Pro when out of view


Initial release

List of Mods