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Mega Hack Pro Changelog


Additions and Changes

2.2 Initial Support
Added profiles
Added mouse 4 & 5 support to keybinds
Added controller support to keybinds
Added alt show/hide menu hotkey
Added rulesets (none available yet..)
Keybinds work like v6, v7's menu hell is gone

New For 2.2 Mods

Music Unlocked Bypass (click 'more' on a song)
All Modes Platformer
Force Platformer
No Shaders
No Camera Move/Zoom

Changed Existing Mods

Practice Music Hack replaced with Practice Music Bypass
Noclip has a forced safemode (will make optional)
Lock Cursor uses the in-game function
FPS Bypass now modifies "Unlock FPS" value and the tick update
Vault/Shop bypasses condensed into individual mods


Added colour customisation
Added blurred BG effect (fullscreen/tabs-only/none)
Tab placement now saves between sessions (not anymore)
Text elements no longer extend out of their object
Text cursor now matches colour of interface
Scrolling is now smooth instead of per object
Core tabs now stack on the left, mods/hacks stack horizontally
Tabs titles are now bold text
Fixed objects not unhovering correctly
3rd party licenses can now be viewed in the menu directly
Favourites removed


Additions and Changes

Added Magic Screenshots
Added Zero Delay
Added Text Cursor
Added Jumpscare
Added Random Menu Music
Added Random SFX
Added Only Death Object option for Hitboxes on Death
Added Trigger conditions for Hitboxes on Death
Added Invisible Dual Fix
Added Quick Chests
Added Extensions Preload Folder (textureldr fix)
Lock Delta no longer saves between sessions
Show Hitboxes & SHoD renamed to Hitboxes
Increased Cheat Indicator accuracy
Security Fixes


Fixed level leaderboards records sometimes being blocked
Fixed Checkpoint Lag Fix causing player to launch up sometimes
Fixed negatively scaled saws crashing Show Hitboxes
Fixed low scaled saw hitboxes being jagged
No Wave Trail behind not working with Start Positions
Fixed possible Layout Mode issues
Fixed Music Offset not being handled correctly with Speedhack Audio
Various other minor fixes


Additions and Changes

Added Mega Hack Replay
Added Screen Recorder
Added Frame Stepper
Added Show Trajectory
Added TPS bypass
Added Hide Level Complete Screen
Added Screenshot to clipboard setting
Added Pause Countdown
Added Confirm Exit
Added Switch P1/P2 Inputs
Added mirror P1/P2 Inputs
Added Auto Safe Mode
Added Auto Kill At %
Added Auto No Auto-Retry
Added Pitch Shifter
Added Editor Support for Smart StartPos
Added Noclip for P1/P2
Added Noclip Death Viewer
Added Editor Hitbox Bug Fix
Added Editor Hitbox Only on Select
Added Keep Wave Trail on Death
Added Fast Practice Respawn Time Modifier
Added Max CPS Option to Labels
Added Load Failed Bypass
Added Dash Orb Colour Switch
Added No Dash Trail
Added No Effect Circle
Added No Death x to editor
Added No Centre Preview Line
Added No Menu Music
Added Meta (Player Data) Label
Added Icon Randomiser Unlocked Icons Option
Added Play Song to Level page
Added Swift Click to Shortcuts
Accurate Percent now rounds down, so 1.00% is ALWAYS 1%
Accurate Percent now affects best run & startpos on the end screen
Anticheat Bypasses now only enable when needed instead of always enabled
Startpos Switcher now records new bests from 0%
Startpos Switcher now usable while paused
Best Run now stores runs per StartPos
Best Run can now be reset in its options
Show Hitboxes on death is now a separate togglabe hack
Show Layout now optimised by removing unneeded objects instead of just hiding
FPS Bypass now only updates after the fps input loses focus
FPS Bypass now accepts decimals
FPS Bypass upper limit increased 10 fold
Hitbox stroke opacity can now be changed
Hitbox stroke changed to an inner stroke instead of a centre stroke
Hitbox trail no longer resets when toggling show hitboxes
Hitbox trail now shows orient & solid hitboxes
Noclip Accuracy now saves with checkpoints
Practice Bug Fix now supports proper rotation
Practice Bug Fix now supports black (drop) orbs
Practice Bug Fix now supports orb/pad activation
Practice Bug Fix now supports object snapping
Practice Bug Fix now supports slope collisions
Practice Bug Fix now supports mirror portals
Practice Bug Fix now supports a moving object fix
Testmode no longer shows when playing from 0 with the Startpos Switcher
Copy SongId button now no longer appears below move button
Going from fullscreen <-> windowed/borderless is now blocked in-editor
Extensions now orderable by increments, instead of moving to first/last
Search bar now auto-selected
Small UI changes
Removed insta kill
Removed data/core.json


Fixed random crashing triggered by external hooks
Fixed Thread Priority not saving
Fixed Uncomplete Level not removing all stats
Fixed Borderless Fullscreen not working as intended
Fixed Disable Keybinds in Editor not working as intended
Fixed Search not working on all windows
Fixed Search resetting disabled states
Fixed Auto Music Sync not accounting for Music Offset
Fixed Noclip Accuracy giving higher than intended accuracy on attempt 1
Fixed Show Hitboxes for negatively scaled saws
Fixed Hitbox Trail in editor drawing unnecessarily
Fixed not being able to delete checkpoints in the level complete animation
Fixed Smart Startpos detecting ship/ufo initial gamemodes as wave
Fixed Smart Startpos detecting initial gamemodes borders incorrectly
Fixed windows with same height shuffling around
Fixed dropdowns near the right of the screen opening in the wrong position
Fixed Dash Orbs not updating correctly with Icon Effects
Fixed the Low Detail Mode toggle (display tab) causing incorrect background sizing
Fixed Best Run going over 100%
Fixed Best Run updating with Noclip enabled
Fixed cursor hiding while Auto-Retry is off
Fixed Startpos Switcher incrementing attempts when not supposed to
Fixed Startpos Switcher causing death at start of levels with incorrect initial position (0,0) -> (0,105)
Fixed Smart Startpos not being able to switch to cube mode
Fixed disabled objects being togglable with keybinds
Fixed cleared shortcut boxes not saving properly
Fixed version & data mismatch

Installer Fixes

Fixed confusing error message on uninstall
Fixed crashes on install/uninstall


Additions and Changes

Core Rewritten
Added Favourites
Added Screenshotter
Added Extension Load Order & Toggling
Added 0% Practice Mode Completion
Added Accurate Percentage Decimal Places
Added Auto Deafen Undeafen Percentage
Added Auto Pickup Coins
Added Auto Song Downloader
Added Challenge List
Added Custom Levels on Launch
Added Demon List Roulette
Added Detailed Level Complete Screens
Added Discord Rich Presence Difficulty & Best %
Added Display Resolution Setter
Added Display Smooth Fix, Force Smooth Fix & LDM
Added Editor Anti-Kick
Added Enter for Level Search
Added Freeze Attempts
Added Force Don't Enter
Added Force Don't Fade
Added Hide Attempts in Practice
Added Granular Scaling to UI
Added Icon Custom Gradients
Added Icon Level ColourID Customisation
Added Icon Particle Customisation
Added Icon Reverse Music Flash
Added Icon Stealer to Profiles
Added Icon Swap Main & Secondary Colours
Added Jump Keybind Customisation
Added Level Status Attempts
Added Level Status Clock
Added Level Status Custom Message
Added Level Status Jumps
Added Level Status Only Total Clicks
Added Level Status Percentage
Added Level Status Session Time
Added No Editor Trail
Added No Ghost Trail
Added No Hide Player Trigger
Added No Main Trail Behind Wave
Added No Orb Ring
Added Noclip Death Counter & Death Limit
Added Pause Void Click Bugfix
Added Pasting to the UI & Extensions
Added Percentage Only to Pause Menu
Added Replay Last Checkpoint to Endscreen
Added Show Password to Copy Level Screen
Added Show Level Layout
Added Show Hitboxes on Death
Added Show Total Attempts
Added SongID Copy
Added StartPos Switcher
Added Transition Customiser
Added UI Transition Time Customisation
Added Unfocus Mute
Added Unfocused FPS Setter
Added Wave Trail Bugfix (checkpoints & startpos)
AntiCheat Bypasses now enabled by default
Custom Icon Colours now affects P1 & P2 colour channels
Ignore ESC & Block Level Exit merged
Hitbox colours now customisable
Hitbox multiplier tunable for each block type
Keybinds revamped with support for all checkboxes & button
Noclip Death Tint customisation
Player Tab split into Cosmetic & Level Categories
Smart StartPos now detects mirror portals
Smart StartPos Mirror Portals
Removed absolutedlls
and more!


Fixed visual errors when going from fullscreen to borderless fullscreen
Fixed borderless fullscreen not returning to the original windowed resolution
Fixed currently playing sound-fx not being speed-changed when enabling speedhack audio
Fixed Ignore ESC not working with Auto Retry disabled
Fixed Replay Last Checkpoint resetting attempts in normal mode when enabled
Fixed Instant Complete crashing on 2 player levels
Fixed Lock Cursor keeping the cursor locked while paused in certain situations
Fixed HideUI not updating until toggling pause in the editor
Fixed the level complete animation being skipped on a checkpoint placed during the animation
Fixed Show Hitboxes not showing hitboxes on all z-layers
Fixed Auto Low Detail Mode not working on undownloaded levels
Fixed Reset Volume not resetting currently playing sfx volume
Fixed Uncomplete Level not resetting orbs & practice %
Fixed Auto Music Sync not working in practice mode
Fixed Copy Hack not working on undownloaded levels
Fixed Dropdown menus going off-screen when close to the bottom of the window
Addressed libcurl.dll antivirus false positives
and more!


Additions and Changes

Added Crash Logger
Added Hitbox Viewer
Added Hitbox Multiplier
Added Auto-Deafen
Added Auto Music Sync
Added Ball Rotation Bug
Added Stable Pulse
Added Glow Customisation
Added Trail Customisation
Added Music-synced Icons
Added Auto Practice Mode
Added Auto Low Detail Mode
Added Playtest Zoom Bypass
Added Corrective Music Sync
Added Allow Low Volume
Added Smooth Editor Trail
Added Clicks per Second counter
Added Level Uncompleter
Added NoClip Accuracy screen tint
Added Small Grid Size modifier
Added Legacy Mode to Speedhack
Added options menu shortcut
Added shortcuts to the Resources & AppData folders
Added position settings for FPS Counter, NoClip Accuracy & Cheat Indicator
Added option to disable keybinds in the editor (on by default)
Cheat Indicator now indicators Safe Mode
Separated RGB/Cycle options to allow mixing & matching
Made tabs resize dynamically so larger resolutions require less/no scrolling
FPS Counter, NoClip Accuracy & Cheat Indicator now adapt to other labels (like Testmode)
Fullscreen, Borderless Fullscreen & Refresh Textures require confirming now
Radios selections & checkboxes now visually differ
Updated colour palette to improve contrast
Many UI refinements


Resolved an issue where cursor would be locked after entering editor through the pause menu
Resolved an issue where the game would occasionally crash when loading a level
Resolved an issue where the Demonlist & Trending tab cache was linked
Resolved an issue where No Glow would not remove glow from slopes
Resolved an issue where Accurate Percentage would go above 100.00% on level completion
Resolved an issue where Speedhack & FPS Bypass would save despite Auto-Save Hacks being disabled
Resolved an issue where restarting a completed level would cause the player to move past the end portal
Resolved an issue where disabled checkboxes would display incorrectly
Addressed an issue where the FPS Counter would display inaccurate values for high framerates
Resolved an issue where Practice Pulse wouldn't work with main level songs
Resolved an issue where Ignore ESC would completely disable the quit level button
Resolved an issue where Freeze Player wouldn't freeze the dual player
Resolved an issue where dropdowns wouldn't hide if an object was previously focused
Resolved an issue where objects would continue to be focused when the menu was hidden


Additions and Changes

Mega Hack Extensions now includes functionality to safely run code on the main thread
Icon Randomiser can now be customised
NoClip Accuracy Reset % now supports decimal numbers
Speedhack now toggles the Cheat Indicator
Added Disable All button
Cheat Indicator, FPS Counter, Practice Bug Fix & Smart Start Pos now bindable
Removed Accurate Leaderboard as GD Leaderboards are now updated again
Disabled Flicker Fix for non AMD/ATI GPUs


Resolved an issue where the UI scale would be set really small after injecting an extension in fullscreen
Resolved an issue with extensions that lead to hooks being overridden
Resolved an issue with extensions where getting textbox text would not work
Resolved an issue where Dual & Solid RGB were not saving
Resolved an issue where wave trails weren't inverted when using RGB Wave Trails
Resolved an issue where Smart Start Pos wouldn't detect starting speed/gamemode/size
Resolved an issue where using Restart while paused wouldn't work as intended
Resolved an issue causing official GD leaderboards to show on GDPS clients
Addressed some performance concerns


Additions and Changes

Added support for extensions
Added NoClip Accuracy
Added Smart Start Pos
Added Trail Cut Fix
Added Demon List integration
Added Accurate Leaderboard integration
Added Practice Mode Fix (by Fig & Andx)
Added Thread Priority Switcher
Added FPS Counter
Added Lock Cursor
Added Borderless Fullscreen
Added Variable Setter
Added Mini Cube Icon mod
Added Same Dual Colour mod
Added Practice Pulse mod
Added Replay Last Checkpoint mod
Added Practice User-Coin Pickup mod (by WEGFan)
Added No Force Glow mod
Added No Death Effect mod
Added No Respawn Flash mod
Added No New Best Popup mod
Added No Wave Pulse mod
Added No Wave Trail mod
Added Refresh Textures button
Added Level Restart button
Added Coins Show as Uncollected mod
Added ColourID Bypass
Added Copy LevelID Fix
Added Pastel RGB, Fade & BG Icon Effects
Added Solid & Dual options to RGB Icons
Added Col1, Col2, & Wave Trail to RGB Icons
Added Vertical Sync & Fullscreen toggle
Added Rotation Speed & Z Layer modifiers
Removed Classic FPS Bypass
FPS Bypass now disables vertical sync
UI refinements
Identical keybinds can now be used multiple hacks
Interfacing and hooks now powered by new engine
Scrolling in windows with 25+ mods/hacks
New open/close animations


Addressed an issue causing the UI to flicker on certain AMD/ATI graphics
Resolved an issue that caused crashes with PoweredByPie's Textureldr
Resolved an issue where setting your speedhack setting to high would crash on launch
Resolved an issue where RGB Icon speed was not saving
Resolved an issue where Free Window Resize was not saving
Resolved an issue where No Particles didn't hide all particles


Additions and Changes

Added RGB Icons mod
Added Multiscaler
Added Level Password finder
Added Icon Randomiser
Added Icon Stealer
Added DLL Injector
Added No Wave Pulse hack
Added No Flip Portal hack
Added Transparent BG & List mods (by WEGFan)
Added Changelog button
Added 0.625x & 1.25x scaling
Cursor now shows when toggling Mega Hack
FPS Bypass & Speedhack now saves settings between sessions
FPS Bypass & Speedhack can now be assigned keybinds
Speedhack step reduced from 0.25 to 0.1
Speedhack can now change audio speed
Login system updated to give users more control
Minor internal changes


Resolved an issue where logging in through the patcher would fail with certain special characters
Resolved an issue where zooming out too far with the Zoom Bypass resulted in a crash
Resolved an issue where the Slider Bypass did not work with object scaling
Resolved an issue where alt-tabbing in fullscreen mode reset window scaling & positions
Resolved an issue where exiting the game via the in-game exit button didn't save hacks & keybinds
Resolved an issues where conflicting hacks would be disabled on launch when set to be enabled
Resolved a permissions issue with the compatibility checker that would cause it to fail
Addressed an issue for those experiencing 'error #3' when trying to login to the patcher
Addressed minor performance concerns by disabling most of Mega Hack Pro when out of view

6.0.0 (Revision 2)


Resolves an issue verifying the client


Initial release

List of Mods